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Awesome collection of free design resources for developers. Grateful to see HTMLrev featured in HTML CSS Templates Thanks to @traversymedia 🙏 github.com/bradtraversy/d…

3 months ago

Quick tip everyone using @tailwindcss: With uicolors.app you can easily create a color palette from your brand color 🚀 pic.twitter.com/oMQrHxqecl

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5 months ago

A small but beautiful project by @raunofreiberg: uiplaybook.dev Pattern library of common UI components. With a detailed breakdown of expected functionality, best practices, accessibility concerns, and implementation tips for each. Great example of 💯 design docs pic.twitter.com/mTbPaa8pmp

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UI/UX design tips Check out happyhues.co , Colour paring made easy 🙂 (cc: @johncjola) #uiux #uidesign pic.twitter.com/9ItZqW6j0x

7 months ago

🔥 It's one of those little things that I find extremely annoying in UI. Learn how to properly round the corners of boxes within boxes. A thread 👇 pic.twitter.com/3MjBxGZG0q

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7 months ago

Create web development masterpieces with these free CSS generators:

I’m super excited to announce that my ebook has been launched! The content inside this book is a comprehensive guide to designing digital products and entering the design industry. Learn more in the thread below! 👇 Retweets are highly appreciated! 💜 pic.twitter.com/9DMqPfIIfs

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7 months ago

Autolayout is one of the most discussed Figma functionality. Discover the key points about this feature in the thread below! 👇 Retweets are highly appreciated! 💜 pic.twitter.com/JrLmOXJ4Jg

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8 months ago

CSS Units CheatSheet for Frontend Developers 🗃️ pic.twitter.com/zffEoQ8efw

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8 months ago

🎨 An endless collection of accessible color combinations: randoma11y.com pic.twitter.com/UxHWdSBB3R

8 months ago

I follow one rule for painless and consistent spacing — never define margin inside components. Define spacing on the container element instead that positions these components. This way you're always in control of the layout💄 pic.twitter.com/IejikBEr20

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8 months ago

I often slave over in-program microcopy. Tip: when crafting an error message for users, frame it as answering these three questions: 1. What just happened? 2. What are the implications of that happening? 3. What specific action should they take next? It just works.

8 months ago

UI/UX teaching syllabus summarized in a nutshell 😂 pic.twitter.com/xHb4JsXiNc

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10 months ago

Hey, designers and developers, does anyone use fractional font sizes in your designs? No? Read further to know how one simple trick can make your text look sharper, help with paddings, and perhaps even become an essential part of your design system. #ui #ux #uiux #typography pic.twitter.com/avSCmOCL7r

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11 months ago

UI/UX designers; mistakes you should avoid when designing a button. 🧵Thread pic.twitter.com/UGz4zJ8tUb

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11 months ago

Some gradients between two colours look good, others suck. It's easy to tell the difference, but what *is* that difference? pic.twitter.com/WX7KPbh5aM

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11 months ago

When starting out in design working with colors felt like a mystery to me. If I used clashing colors, I just tweaked them randomly until they looked good. Here is how to solve colors with numbers 👇 pic.twitter.com/vPoVDMWiu3

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11 months ago

Current status: building interactive demos showing some defensive CSS techniques in action 🤩 pic.twitter.com/3SqCVg6dQu

UI designers: STOP ADJUSTING UIs DYNAMICALLY BASED ON FREQUENT USAGE. In the brain, the hippocampus, controls, among other things, --> SPATIAL NAVIGATION <--. And it's damn good at it. Keep things in fixed positions. Sort elems, IF NEEDED, by NAME/CATEGORY, not by last seen.

about 1 year ago