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A small but beautiful project by @raunofreiberg: uiplaybook.dev Pattern library of common UI components. With a detailed breakdown of expected functionality, best practices, accessibility concerns, and implementation tips for each. Great example of 馃挴 design docs pic.twitter.com/mTbPaa8pmp

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Web technology secret: you do not have to ever Frameworks: you do not have to Libraries: you do not have to Compile/build process: you do not have to This decade's pre-processed CSS solution: you do not have to Literally CSS, JS and 99.99% of HTML: you do not have to

6 months ago

I interviewed @artman about how he and the team are building @linear. An interesting thing Tuomas said: because he worked at Uber during hypergrowth (2014-19), he wanted to make sure that he applies the lesson learned at Uber at his next startup: Never do hypergrowth again.

I'm beginning to think鈥攁s crazy as it sounds鈥攖hat a company that can think about *anything* beyond hierarchal trees of things has a major competitive advantage the tree-ification of everything: plans, messages, goals, etc. is rampant

7 months ago

*Framework* A lot of people rely on the process A process is useful in a "structured" environment, like in a factory. The problem? We operate in a "wicked" environment. It's better to rely on the principles and framework than the process. 馃憞馃徑 Some of my favorites: pic.twitter.com/StLEv04je7

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7 months ago

BREAKING: Client Who Doesn't Have Specific Budget In Mind Absolutely Has Budget In Mind After Hearing Agency's Budget In Mind

Standards-based projects are at an advantage with all these new tools. If you use just plain JS, CSS and HTML, the new tools already support you. For newer standards like native CSS Module Scripts, I'm sure they'll get integrated directly into the tools over time w/o plugins. twitter.com/ScriptedAlchem鈥

Percentage of origins having good Core Web Vitals for @jquery, @reactjs, and @nextjs and from January 2020 to October 2022. datastudio.google.com/s/kq8LYSQE-7o Any hypotheses as to why jQuery鈥檚 percentages are increasing? pic.twitter.com/YKxVgefgas

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8 months ago

the return of hypermedia is another big inflection point for the web happening rn twitter.com/htmx_org/statu鈥

8 months ago

The frontend community wants to wash its hands of the decade we lost without naming the causes and consequences of the dogma that swept away better, more grounded approaches and replaced them with MBs of JS. That's not a recipe for healing what was broken.

Talking with a friend about Postgres and DB-Engines database trends (db-engines.com/en/ranking_tre鈥), it strikes me that all of the big relational databases are falling relative to others, with Postgres gaining share at their expense. A few thoughts as to why this makes sense (1/n) pic.twitter.com/Y85p3yl2W4

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In web development people so often reach for tooling to address complexity and perf problems. That's usually just adding complexity on top of complexity. Instead, reduce the need for tooling at all.

When I talk about frontend's lost decade, it's because folks don't grok how long the excesses of 2012-2022 JS "thought leadership" will continue polluting the ecosystem. The UX disaster is radiating from an earthquake of hubris to distant shores like a tsunami of derp. twitter.com/i/web/status/1鈥

Each React release alienates me more and more. It's not longer a "UI as a function of state" library, it's a framework with a ton of specific abstractions that teach you nothing about the platform where you're building. I don't know if I like that.

I really really hate wasting a time confused by arcane technical issues. I lost almost 3 hours today fighting something really frustrating (screenshot included for anyone playing along in @Searls: Home Edition). Anyway, it happens sometimes and it's part of the job and it's OK. pic.twitter.com/XfXa8V8zVJ

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  • Good example of the downside of rails 鈥渕agic鈥
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8 months ago

Ever since we abandoned the SPA approach my team ships better tested features faster, we only implement business logic once on the server and use HTMX and Alpine.js to enhance UX. This is my new default. twitter.com/searls/status/鈥

Server-side rendered HTML is a specifcation of UI and the browser's job to implement. Client-side JavaScript is both specification *and implementation* of UI, and it represents an order of magnitude more work. People should be more cautious before assuming they need a React app

8 months ago

It鈥檚 better to deliver a good product consistently than a great product some of the time. Branding 101.

Git making me want to pull my hair out yet again. One of the most unintuitive, clunky interfaces of any software I've ever used.

What a gem! Figma Wireframe Paper Kit to design low-fidelity concepts quickly (especially on mobile) (figma.com/community/file鈥). Kindly created by @realsharpe and the @method_inc team. Kudos to @AdhamDannaway for discovering it! #ux #design pic.twitter.com/nTAOsaiTFc

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you don鈥檛 hear anyone in any other industry OBSESS more about their tools than their product/output this is what webdev twitter sounds like: hey look at my hammer. man this fucking hammer is amazing. I鈥檓 using a hammer! I LOVE HAMMERS. hammer hammer hammer build something.

8 months ago

I鈥檓 starting to think that a lot of our foundational metaphors for how to build startups and companies is off, in ways that dramatically influence our behavior. For example, that software engineering and product development is like a factory.

9 months ago

When I launched the modernized version of vanilla JavaScript TodoMVC, it got 600+ GitHub stars. People were generally positive, but it sparked much debate. Here's an article addressing all the feedback! frontendmasters.com/blog/vanilla-j鈥

9 months ago