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I use the table_print gem daily. It's so handy for debugging and reporting from the console. If you're not using it, you should check the video tableprintgem.com and try it. pic.twitter.com/m66WoS3Vtj

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I'm tweeting these out just so I can finally close the browser tabs I've had open for months in case I needed an icon iconic.app lucide.dev tabler-icons.io iconoir.com iconsvg.xyz

{([ \n\r\t])*(?:(?2)(?1)*:(?1)*(?0)(?1)*(?:,(?1)*(?2)(?1)*:(?1)*(?0)(?1)*)*)?}|\[(?1)*(?:(?0)(?1)*(?:,(?1)*(?0)(?1)*)*)?\]|true|false|(\"(?:[^"\\\p{Cc}]|\\(?:["\\\/bfnrt])|\\u[0-9a-fA-F]{4})*\")|-?(?:0|[1-9]\d*)(?:\.\d+)?(?:[eE][-+]?\d+)?|null

Regex that validates json

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✨ Introducing — Remix Framer Browser There are lots of cool *remixable* stuff out there for @framer. But they're all over the place... This is my attempt at gathering them into one unified collection. Take a look for yourself! 👇 Am I missing anything? #framerawards2022 pic.twitter.com/OvBXtAVoRK

Open source is the foundation of software development, but is often not sustainable for maintainers and contributors. It’s a problem as old as the internet, and today we’re solving it for good. Introducing: Merge to earn pic.twitter.com/GnO1wHSPre

Vercel OG Image Generation – a new library for generating dynamic social card images. vercel.com/blog/introduci…

Nested JSON files can easily become difficult to explore manually. 📌 Bookmark jsoncrack .com. It offers a beautiful visualization of JSON files as graphs. It can also be integrated with VScode IDE. Great tool! pic.twitter.com/GtYi3dQTDQ

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Tired of battling with the wild west of large language model prompting frameworks and APIs?! We’re excited to introduce Manifest, our python framework that makes prompt programming simple, interactive, and reproducible. 💻: github.com/HazyResearch/m… pic.twitter.com/KWTeChsu4R

I'm curating a list of open-source alternatives to popular SaaS: ◆ Calendly: @calcom ◆ Google Analytics: @PlausibleHQ ◆ Segment: @jitsucom ◆ Algolia: @meilisearch ◆ Rewardful: @useReflio ◆ Bitly: @Dubdotsh Who else did I miss? 👀

Introducing sqlite-http: A SQLite extension for making HTTP requests purely in SQL - Make HTTP requests like curl, fetch, python requests, etc. - Save response bodies, status code, headers, timing info, into a table - Rate limits, timeouts, etc observablehq.com/@asg017/introd…

10 free websites that are so valuable they feel illegal to know:

🚀 Introducing Scroll, Motion One's new scroll-linked animations API! This mighty 2.5kb function can link Motion One's animate() and timeline() animations to page scroll. Or use a callback to animate canvas, 3D, or anything you can imagine. Get started: motion.dev/dom/scroll pic.twitter.com/6s7lx2oNY0

🚀 Introducing Motion One. The smallest fully-featured animation library for the web. Built on the Web Animations API, it offers hardware accelerated animations, timelines and more, all for less than a fifth of the size of Greensock. Check it out: motion.dev pic.twitter.com/FjuZHp4N5D

Found a minimalistic browser called Min. It's useful for displaying web pages in the tutorials without exposing your private information. minbrowser.org @minbrowser

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TIL you can create custom iOS widgets with just a .js file 🤯🤯🤯 @scriptableapp by @simonbs is amazing 🔥😍🥳 github.com/dersvenhesse/a…

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Server runtimes come in many different types, enabling team collaboration and ready-to-use development environments in the cloud. They are gaining usage quickly and there is a cambrian explosion of new ones. A summary of each of the 67 server runtimes is in this 🧵

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Are you a React dev? Do you use Visual Studio Code? I just released the beta of React Preview for VS Code 🚀 marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName… pic.twitter.com/qU4sxTo30g