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Trends in mental health problems among US women and girls, 2001 to 2018. It's so obvious that something changed, and we all know what it is. pic.twitter.com/53yz7EyJZE

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3 months ago

I was skeptical of the theory that social media makes kids miserable, but did a deep dive into the data and found: *The best randomized experiments show an effect *A massive increase in adolescent mental illness across much of the developed world Thread richardhanania.substack.com/p/how-i-change…

3 months ago

Antidepressants No Better Than Placebo for About 85% of People madinamerica.com/2022/08/antide… "If everyone with a depression diagnosis is given an antidepressant, about seven people need to be given the drug (and thus be exposed to the harmful effects) before one person benefits." pic.twitter.com/PGFuCFVZIM

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Saved to Depression
4 months ago

why is nobody talking about how just 125 - 300mg of magnesium per meal reversed depression in just 7 DAYS. magnesium is incredibly cheap and has little to no side effects. pic.twitter.com/iVudEhuHQo

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“this paper was published to Med Hypothesis, a journal that PRIDES ITSELF on not being peer reviewed and was nearly removed from PubMed over AIDS denialism. The paper was published before any review was done”

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Saved to Depression
8 months ago

How effective is MDMA for trauma? Here, @NolanRyWilliams of @StanfordMed @StanfordPSY explains on the Huberman Lab Podcast. Episode out now about TMS & Psychedelics for Depression: hubermanlab.com (all formats linked). @ScienceMagazine pic.twitter.com/Y5NUoMo8rJ

happy mental health day, read the ‘Book of Woe’ by Gary Greenberg to learn how and why you’re getting scammed twitter.com/orpheaskk/stat…

8 months ago

The clear anti-depressant effects of psychedelics & ketamine may not even be related to the experiences & insights that occur during their use. Rather, ketamine has long term effects on opioid systems that relieve depression & psylocibin & LSD may too. Mechanisms not obvious yet.