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Industry (on HBO) is my new favorite television show. It's like Suits, but with bankers in London. twitter.com/hunterfiIm/sta…

7 months ago

Are you endlessly scrolling Netflix trying to find something to watch? Here are the 7 greatest finance movies of all time:

10 months ago

Worth the 12 minute watch, particularly if you're fascinated by the prehistoric cave drawings found all over Europe and Asia. Why did ancient humans paint the same 32 symbols in caves all over Europe? npr.org/2022/10/28/113…

11 months ago

Having to think about pricing products lately & didn’t know where to start This @patrick_oshag interview of @MadhavanSF was unbelievably informative Madhavan wrote the most influential pricing book called “Monetizing Innovations”💰open.spotify.com/episode/4bcp4T…

11 months ago

10 Netflix documentaries that will change your mindset+life: 1. pic.twitter.com/jHt4MPIIs0

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11 months ago

Top 10 Netflix movies of all time: 1. Extraction pic.twitter.com/P3nsc7eIoj

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11 months ago

My wife @SaraSodineParr can't stop talking about @ramit's pod. It's sorta like couples therapy around money. I really dig it. Sara LOVES it.

I'm reading "grokking Simplicity" and dig the approach - to shield juniors from early complexity while balancing against the natural tension of "trap doors" springing from good-faith abstraction. This anecdote is a prime example of balancing those demands. I hope it scales! 💡 twitter.com/tonyennis/stat…

“Grokking simplicity”

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12 months ago

@Altimor I’d listen to Sam Harris’ interviews of David Deutsch. He has an interesting take on it - why we shouldn’t be worried.

12 months ago

happy mental health day, read the ‘Book of Woe’ by Gary Greenberg to learn how and why you’re getting scammed twitter.com/orpheaskk/stat…

12 months ago

Top 10 Suspenseful Thriller Movies 🎬 of 2022 that will keep you glued to your seat. 1. pic.twitter.com/E2zpSYazrL

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12 months ago

Looking to hire a branding agency for a little project I have. Link to your fav agency that does this (don't DM/email me...just post your website here so everyone can enjoy!)

about 1 year ago

10 psychological thriller movies that will make you think: 1. Arrival pic.twitter.com/1QUqasELto

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about 1 year ago

How much do you know about the horror genre? Here's a short thread of really fun infographics about horror movies, many of which I found on @DataIsBeautiful. We've got everything from demographics to jump scares to Bechdel Test scores. A few of these may surprise you! 1/💀 pic.twitter.com/aAT8O0Mi7u

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over 1 year ago

@fortelabs Agreed. Best thing I watched this year. "Come on Jeffrey you can do it, pave the way put your back into it." Bo's special and "In and Of Itself" by @derek_del are the two things I beg strangers to watch this year.

about 2 years ago

Best documentary I can watch right now? (Interests: the Bay Area, plants, the 1970s, cetaceans, cuttlefish, music, particle accelerators, the placenta, space, production processes, the Fed, radio, artists, the Cold War, weird stuff)

over 2 years ago

My Octopus Teacher is my favorite film of 2020 & new favorite documentary ever. The world would be a better place if every human watched this stunning piece of filmmaking. youtube.com/watch?v=3s0LTD…

almost 3 years ago